TPS/i is the coronation of welding. Because we integrated CMT

TPS/i was the intelligent revolution in welding technology and has set new standards in terms of improvement, individuality and interaction. By integrating our legendary Cold Metal Transfer welding process, we are now taking a huge leap forwards.

The TPS/i combined with the CMT welding process is a highly flexible welding system. It enables multi-platform production operations to be performed with the best welding processes for every application.

TPS/i with CMT not only ensures your production plant is equipped with the cutting edge technology of today, but of tomorrow too.

CMT - Cold Metal Transfer

The CMT process is a highly dynamic welding process with the most stable arc at lowest spattering.

Additionally CMT is not only “cold”, but rather allows a stepless regulation of the heat input from “cold” to “hot”. The result is an even higher welding speed and a broad spectrum of applications where highest welding quality is required.